Paradiso – Kleine Zaal
23 Feb 21:00 — 24 Feb 00:30
Pierce Warnecke

Spinversion is a kinetic sound and light installation which focuses on shadow play and light movement in a smoke-filled space, using five custom light boxes each with two stroboscopes and rotating 3D printed meshes. Inspired by Gysin and Burroughs’ Dream Machine and Anthony McCall’s Solid Light Works, Spinversion uses simple variations of rotation and light intensities to form a dynamic repartitioning of the surrounding space. From slow changes to more epileptic intensities, the work aims to draw in then repel, soothe then aggress, in the form of a sensory test in overdrive, where perception is put to the test by attempting to induce states of distorted time perception or dyschronometria.

Spinversion, Pierce Warnecke. Courtesy of the artist.