Paradiso – Kleine Zaal
24 Feb 03:00 — 04:00

Selwa Abd, originally from Morocco, is a New York-based artist and musician. She holds a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School for Design and is founder of the music platform Bizaarbazaar. Under the guise Bergsonist (from Deleuze’s Bergsonism’), she uses multiple mediums to investigate social resonance through divergent conceptual aesthetics (minimalism, techno, music concrete, etc.). Her practice utilises her trained design sensibility to filter the objects of intuitive exploration, guided by an impulse to detach subjective meaning from found sonic fragments. Notions of identity, memory, social politics and the ambiguous long-term reliability/​stability of our digital networks drive this process. She has released on labels such as Borft, Styles Upon Styles, Clandestine Records, Always Human and Where To Now.

Photo by Cameron Kelly. Courtesy of ISSUE Project Room.